Saturday, March 22, 2014

Five Lessons To Learn From A Successful Blog Post

So, as mentioned in my previous post, I recenlty had a succesful blog post which had 4870 views, 15 likes and 48 comments. 

The post was created on Jan. 13 2014 at a popular Russian social network for lawyers The name is 'Bitcoin: основные принципы и отдельные юридически-значимые особенности' (i.e. 'Bitcoin: main principles and certain legally important peculiarities'). 

I believe that such results are pretty good, and now, after about two months have passed, I am able to identify several key aspects which predetermined this.

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1. Choosing a hot topic. The topic of this post generally was Bitcoin - right after a big wave of media discussions and directly before (I did not know that in advance, but this could reasonably be anticipated) Bitcoin ban in Russia. 

2. Saying something useful. I am not the one to say whether my post clarified the topic or not, but I know a lot of people who thought that cryptocurrencies are nothing different from 'ordinary' e-money. Furthermore, I made reference to some decent papers on the topic.

3. Structuring. The post has a complete logic of an aricle, but what is probably more imporant, I started it with a 'story'. Although the story just told about the results of my Scoop-It search, it was a real story which said something about myself in the context.

4. Using good language. I write this blog in English, and I do not think that my English is bad, but it is still not my native language or the language I speak as if it is my native. The post in question was written in my native Russian, where I have the whole arsenal of tricks.

5. Adding design. This might be just a mere coincidence, but my successful '' post was also the first post where I used a decent picture bought with real money at Fotolia. The effect may be indirect, but high quality pictures may make a good contribution.

I will be happy if anyone who reads this finds this useful, and I will appreciate a feedback on these points.

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