Friday, January 3, 2014

Instagram And Visual Information

I have joined Instagram today. I did not witness Twitter's success in its time, so I was impressed by Instagram's popularity and speed of reaction to my first photos posted. Instagram statistics look cool: over 150 million monthly active users, 16 billion photos shared in total, 1.2 billion likes and 55 million photos shared every day (check here).

On a second thought, it did not look so surprising, rather logical. In the modern world everyone feels the overflow of information. There is much more information than anyone's brain could ever digest. One needs probably about half a minute to intake an average verbal blog post, but only a few seconds to check a photo and react on it. 

Looks like visual social netwroks (but not necessarily implying actual photos) may be the future of the web.

Borrowed here. My only legal hope is that most jurisdictions allow
trademark usage outside of their registered business aims,
like for academic and information purpose.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, my dear readers!

It is popular among bloggers to strike the balance at, or immediately after, the year's end. 

I am happy that this time I can summarize everything important for me just to one notion - last year I managed to bring most of my professional and personal activities to one common denominator which is my passion for computer games (or started doing so which is effectively the same).

One particular sample pertains to my academic career and implies setting up the course of Internet law including legal regulation of online games and virtual worlds as an integral part. 

I never felt better while reading lectures, and I got the impression that the same is true for the students attending them. Once again I received a striking example of how important it is to do what you belive in, and I could not stress this more.

My New Year wish for you is to discover what you true will is and to reconcile your life with it, whatever it might be!