Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Guild Wars 2 Has New Content And Offers Free Trial 23-25 August, 2013

Guild Wars 2 has many distinctive features. One of them is that this MMORPG is much more suitable for a person with lack of free time than many others. Its innovative design allows to receive a lot of fun in short periods of time without planning much in advance. 

In anticipation of the forthcoming content...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fixing Thoughts: From Notebooks To Evernote

More than six years ago, when I did not do any legal practice and enjoyed my LL.M. classes just two times a week (the schedule was made in such a way, honestly), I invested a lot of time into reading books on the disciplines which were not in the curriculum, finding out literary devices while reading fiction for fun, writing down random ideas and some other similar things.

I kept several notebooks for each theme where I made structured handwritten notes fixing all of the above, like this one:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gamification Everywhere!

This is by no means a new observation, but I have just realized how far things have come while updating my LinkedIn profile. They have a 'profile strength' meter which rises in proportion to the amount of information you entered. 

This feature is so obvious and widespread now that it is hard to pay significant attention to it. Many other services, and not only social media ones, use similar mechanics or, to be more precise, game mechanics. Gamification (the term is considered to be coined in 2002 by Nick Pelling) was always in use, but in most cases it was implicit. Today we face explicit gamification, and there is a lot of things around to research.

For instance, although I have the impression that gamification is generally praised more than blamed, I would dare to say that it has its caveats. And here is what I mean. People definitely have a need for games. Computer games made a revolution which allowed to satisfy this need with specific and diverse tools. 

However, if this need is not satisfied in such a natural way, people tend to include elements of game in serious business, like relationship with significant other or at work, and this may lead to harm.

Or not?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top 5 Online Papers To Boost Internet Law Research

Here is a list of five papers which I find most helpful in my current Internet law research. All of them are currently available online for free without subscription to academic databases.

On this occasion let me also say thank you to each author of the papers listed, without you my research would definitely lack something.

5. Tim O'Reilly. What Is Web 2.0. Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software. The only point which explains why a landmark paper by an Internet culture guru is placed here is that it does not directly address legal issues. However, a lawyer should have a general overview of current technology which gives rise to various legal issues. This paper serves this aim well.