Monday, April 1, 2013

Check E-mails And Profiles At 'Email Sherlock'

At 'Email Sherlock' website you can check whether an e-mail is associated with profiles in some popular social networks.

This service is apparently useful in any kind of internet-related activity. However, I wonder to what extents a personal e-mail may and may not be considered private/privileged information?

Link to the profile of the author of this photo
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  1. I tried Email Sherlock yesterday and it worries me. Did you try searching your own email address? Every time someone hits enter on it, or clicks the link below the search engine (which appears and lingers for some time after a single search), you get an email. I got 5 altogether, after just one check.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I did and got only one e-mail after one check. I suppose it was either some bug or some other four people clicked your e-mail as it was showed in 'recent searches' line under the search bar. And I believe that this service indeed poses some questions. Most instruments which are intended to fight fraud may also be used in malicious purposes if they are open to general public.

    2. Emailsherlock is a very bad company that posts fasle info on people and refuses to removed it.

      They post that I own a hotel I don’t own. I have contacted them over and over and they ignore it. I tried both through their contact page and the optout they have on their legal pages which is required by law for a site like this. They refuse to do anything.

      I did an extensive Whois search and found that emailsherlock is owned by therrian Yannick at . I started posting on his facebook and instead fo removing the post he claims I must be a spammer which si the main thing he is fighting against. I just don’t want my info published as a business I don’t own, but instead of Yannick looking into it and removing the false info he changes the whois on emailsherlock whois so his name is no longer listed and he makes it so the public can’t post on his facebook page. When I called them they want as much info about me as they can get and when I ask why they say because they assume I am a spammer as that is the only reason someone would complain about being on their site. They say they will look into and that they will call back but they don’t and they don’t remove the listing for a hotel that doesn’t exist that I stayed at 10 years ago for 1 night and foolishly gave them my phone number and email address.

      if you search your email and see false info about you or don’t like that they are posting your picture and other info they find on facebook and other websites on emailsherlock without you permission, email them through the optout everyday for a week or two, then call therrian yannick and let him know he needs to stop breaking the law

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