Friday, January 18, 2013

Case Study Bits: ZAM Networks, LLC

This post is supposed to open a series of short notes dedicated, inter alia, to noteworth clauses found in various terms of service, mostly related to virtual worlds and/or game-related services.

A few days ago I decided to register with the famous, which actually added much to my World of Warcraft experience. And I noticed an interesting clause in their Terms of Use

New Poll Opened: Do We Need Positive Virtual Law?

Dear readers, my late congratulations on winter holidays! Thanks to everyone who occasionally visits this blog. Please be informed that I am still alive and well, just focused on the research of Internet and virtual law with a hope of publication in the end.

During this research I stumbled upon a couple of Russian court decisions which clearly fall within the scope of virtual law. A player sued major Russian MMORPG company asking for a compensation of money spent for two weeks of server downtime, money spent on a temporary virtual item which effectively lasted three days less than declared and, as usual, moral damages.