Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keywords: October 2012

How people found this blog through search engines this month:

I was surprised to see Everquest 2 as the dominant line. In fact, I expected to see Guild Wars 2 instead.

And it is really nice to see a request containing such keywords as "abraham maslow hierarchy" and "game".

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Don't Miss: Game Dev. Story

This post is supposed to open a series of short notes dedicated to casual and/or indie games which are easy to miss according to my personal experience. Probably, it will happen that many readers already know about these games, but it will be great if some who do not share the joy. This is how viral marketing works.

During recent business trip I discovered Game Dev. Story, a casual management game where you run own game development company.

Being published in 2010, this game may be considered quite old, but being extremely fun it is beyond market trends and I trust it will remain popular for a long time (other random example may be Nuclear War, which looks good after 23 years). There is an Android version too. Enjoy!