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Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Recent Media Appearances

A brief recap on what I did from the beginning of the 2014 in terms of media appearance and have not yet mentioned on this blog (three more publications hidden behind 'READ MORE', one of them - on computer games).

1) Mar. 18 2014. Moscow Times. Legal Pitfalls of Social Networks: What Should a User Be Aware of? [Article, English]

A short article describing legal risks which an ordinary user of a social network faces. 'When you are on the Internet you should act as if your messages remain there forever and are publicly available'. 

2) Feb. 20 2014. LexisNexis AML Conference. Electronic Currency. New Horizons or Serious Risks? [Presentation, English]

A presentation which contains a brief assessment of cryptocurrencies in view of electronic money regulations set forth by the Russian Law on National Payment System. 'Bitcoin per se can be viewed... as a record keeping system'.

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3) Feb. 8 2014. Winter Nights Mobile Games Conference. Gambling and Non-gambling on Mobile. Problems of Separation and Legal Consequences [Presentation, English]

A presentation made at a major European mobile game event. What differs gambling and games of skill? What legal consequences this may entail? '...if you include gambling elements in your game - know what you are doing'.

Actually, my first ever successful social media post (4870 views, 15 likes, 48 comments) which was right in time with general analysis made in the environment looking for a post like this. Made before Bitcoin was banned in Russia.

5) Jan. 1 2014, 'Zakon' law journal. Отношения в сети Интернет формата Web 2.0: проблема соответствия между сетевой архитектурой и правовым регулированием [Academic article, Russian, co-authored by Rashad Azizov]

The second article in my preferred field (the first one was published in 2013 and it was the first ever Russian article published in peer-reviewed law journal on virtual law). An overview is given to system legal problems of Internet. A kind of tribute to Lawrence Lessig.

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