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Hello! I am teaching law at St. Petersburg State University. Major part of my research is connected to virtual worlds and massive multiplayer online games (a broad field which includes Internet law, video game law, virtual law and game studies). This interest derives from my passion for computer games which I consider as one of the most important cultural artifacts ever created. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Perry's Theory Of Structured Procrastination

I have recently found an unusual way to motivate myself in my professional life and related areas. This is theory of structured procrastination by John Perry, emeritus professor of philosophy at Stanford.

Have you ever found yourself doing anything just to avoid doing anything else at the moment? As for me, I have. And until I found proper rationalization in a short essay by John Perry, I felt uncomfortable.

In fact there is no reason to feel that way (unless you are limited by a deadline which may kill you), if you, for a moment, replace your duties with something which is both productive and exciting, whichever it is! 

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