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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why Virtual Property Is Better Than Real Property?

Because it does not burn.

Below is a picture of a kitchen corner in my apartment where a fire started three weeks ago, burning a plastic water pipe under pressure which led to property damage with smoke and water (and this explains why I was away from this blog). 

All appliances were in order and switched off, and there is no reason to believe that it was an arson. That is why I wonder now whether it was a kind reminder from above that the real world also deserves some attention? Or quite the opposite?

In any case, right now the consequences are mitigated, the repairs done, and life goes on. Do not forget to think about an insurance for such kind of situations, if insurance is not mandatory in your jurisdiction.   


  1. Владислав Владимирович! :)
    "Сущности не следует множить без необходимости"[С.Лем (но не Оккам :)]
    "Знаешь, дочка, не все сны что-то значат. Бывают просто сны." [анекд.З.Фрейд].
    P.S. Искренне сочувствую ситуации и надеюсь, что Вас постиг минимальный ущерб!

    1. Алексей, ущерб был только материальный и устранимый, и уже по этому можно вздохнуть с облегчением. Большое спасибо за поддержку!