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Hello! I am teaching law at St. Petersburg State University. Major part of my research is connected to virtual worlds and massive multiplayer online games (a broad field which includes Internet law, video game law, virtual law and game studies). This interest derives from my passion for computer games which I consider as one of the most important cultural artifacts ever created. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Don't Miss: Knights of Pen & Paper

End of the year sets forth very tight schedule for most people, and the only thing I can afford to post now is just another reference to a worthy iOS game.

Knights of Pen & Paper (which is also available at Google Play) brings a lot of old-school RPG joy seasoned with some indie features.

This game is also worth mentioning because of relatively low visibility, at least in AppStore, but nevertheless it deserves much more attention that it probably has.

Embark on an epic adventure looking through the eyes of a pen-and-paper RPG player!