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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Skyrim's Got Talent

I have never seen a better music video dedicated to a video game, although my philosophy enforces me to make a disclaimer that this is a personal opinion and that the word "cute" is highly subjective.

Lindsey Stirling, a quarter finalist of fifth season of America's Got Talent (2010) and Peter Hollens.  

Many know this itch to include a "FUS-RO-DAH" somewhere in a message like this.  

Do you know any better music video dedicated to a game, made at the same professional level?


  1. Well... maybe not that awesome on visual part but absolutely awesome on vocal:
    http://youtu.be/0FLQ4rACE-0 - original song btw :P

    And of the same singer:

    And from teh same singer about Mass Effect 3 (original song) - awesome one:

    1. Thank you for the links! I am going to check them right now.