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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Royal Quest

The Illuminati, the Templars and the Dragons apparently do their best effort to impede writing of my The Secret Wolrd post. 

This time they have chosen to use a smart distracting factor - Royal Quest MMORPG, a Ragnarok-like game made by Katauri Interactive, the developers of King's Bounty.

Actually, you may get wrong impression from a bit outdated official video given below. Be noted that the game plays much better than it looks.  

The game is still in open beta, although the updates with new features seem to be quite frequent. No English version yet.

The first impression I got from videos and screenshots before I actually tried the game was like how the guys who made the incredible King's Bounty made THIS. However, real playing experience can change your mind.

This game is a good demonstration that "soft" aspects of game (font, interface, style of dialogue wording etc.) are not less important than the core gameplay. In fact, they create the general atmosphere of the game and may even make grinding enjoyable.

On the other hand, the awful thing about Royal Quest is the current game community, 90% of which seems to consist of illiterate agrressive children. 

I wonder whether it is the bane of most F2P games?  



  1. Kids are bane of every F2P game apart from very old ones (like EQ2)...sadly.

    1. We definitely need "grammar rules enforced" policy in MMORPGs to save the world.

    2. Thats a shame what I cannot *Like* your reply here :) (or maybe just dont know how)