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Friday, August 24, 2012

4 Best Music Machinima

It is the Friday time! Congratulations on successful (hopefully) finishing of the work week. If you read this blog, you are probably a MMORPG enthusiast ready either to enjoy new exeprience or to have some nostalgia.

Instead of the fact that I am kind of reluctant to log in World of Warcraft recently (due to my discovery of Everquest 2 and The Secret World), I must admit that the best machinima I have ever met still pertains to World of Warcraft.

The well-known nickname of the artist is Cranius, and the hit "Ulduar", the reference whereto is given below, features a wonderful vocale of Summergale. If you have ever had a good World of Warcraft playing experience, or if you have at least some form of sympathy, you will certainly enjoy the music.


If you scrolled down here, you may most likely also enjoy the original "The Highwayman" music video by "The Highwaymen", just click "READ MORE".


  1. Would watched those and told my opinion....but I deeply hate WoW and cant stand watching it :P

    1. It would be really interesting to know the reasons (if any) for such a deep hate. Would you like to share?